Representing AV-MAVT, we aim to leverage the available know-how on sustainable technologies at our department to ensure we satisfy the net zero target set by ETH. AV-MAVT is represented with two votes in the D-MAVT sustainability commission, where we want to push for fair measures which ensure satisfaction of the given target but do not over-proportionally affect the employees represented by AV-MAVT. At the same time, we are pushing for unified ETH-wide measures through the AVETH sustainability initiative.

Making our department, as well as ETH and the academic world in general, sustainable is a joint effort by all memebers, and thus requires awareness, discussion, and education. We intend to support this process by organizing information and networking events.

Please contact us in case you have questions, ideas, feedback, etc. Current AV-MAVT sustainability representatives are:


Interesting resources:

  • The website of ETH sustainbility provides many interesting resources
  • The website of the ETH air travel project provides interesting information about air travel
  • The routeRank tool can be used to compare the impact of different modes of travel and virtual conference participation
  • The calculator of atmosfair allows to estimate CO2 emissions of air travel
  • The LEAF program allows you to calculate and reduce the footprint of research laboratories

Train travel:

Duration by train and general information

  • ÖBB ( ) can display several connections, also outside of Austria)
  • ( ) is a great source of information about train connections in Europe
  • Seat sixty-one ( ) is also very informative, for Europe and beyond
  • Interrail ( for international and one-country travel passes and also good to find international train connections (note that on certain connections, there is a seat contingent for Interrail pass holders)

Night trains

Where to buy tickets?

Especially for night trains

Other resources

  • Terran ( for inspiration on sustainable travel and also long distance train journeys (German only)

Discount cards

The following discount cards offer reductions on fares in 2nd class:

CountryCardAgeDiscount*Card costWorth from ticket price
AustriaÖBB Vorteilscard Jugend15 – 2550%19,00 EUR38,00 EUR
ÖBB Vorteilscard 6626 – 6450%66,00 EUR132,00 EUR
FranceCarte Avantage Jeune12 – 2730%49,00 EUR163,33 EUR
Carte Avantage Adulte28 – 6030%49,00 EUR163,33 EUR
GermanyMy Bahncard 2519 – 2625%36,90 EUR147,60 EUR
My Bahncard 5019 – 2650%69,90 EUR139,80 EUR
Bahncard 2527 – 6425%59,90 EUR239,60 EUR
Bahncard 5027 – 6450%244,00 EUR488,00 EUR
ItalyGreen Card12 – 2610%40,00 EUR400,00 EUR

*on the largest train lines