Useful Information

On Doctoral Studies

For new doctoral students or post-docs, we have created a guide for the first steps at ETH.

Form for the annual report on doctoral studies

Information on doctoral scholarship

Research Plan Templates

Below you can find unofficial templates for writing the your research plan compatible with the guidelines of D-MAVT:

Find equipment at ETH

Use ETHIS to find out if another group at ETH owns the equipment (e.g. X-ray sensors or mass spectrometers) you need. You find it at “Beschaffung > Geräte & Inventar > Geräte anzeigen”

Microscope services (SEM, TEM, Confocals, etc.)


Corporate Design (Poster, Presentations, etc.)

SBB offers

Transportation offers: offers for a free Halbtax (half fare card for all public transportation in CH) or 25% reduced GA (unlimited use of all public transportation)

AV-MAVT Calendar

The famous AV-MAVT wall planner for 2024 will be released start of next year.

On Diversity

AV-MAVT takes an active role to nurture a supportive environment where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. Through our diversity branch, we aim to raise awareness of equality and fairness issues, support underrepresented minorities, and better connect our diverse population at MAVT with each other. The diversity branch is meant to be a platform for starting conversations and responding to the needs of the doctoral students and post-docs. So please contact us with your ideas!

At AV-MAVT we believe that the first step to create an innovative and diverse environment is to raise awareness, therefore we invite everyone to get informed on the current situation of gender equality and diversity at ETH and MAVT as well as on the action taken.

Equality monitoring statistics

Diversity statistics

Other organizations at ETH

  • Equal!, the central organization for diversity and gernder topics at ETH