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AV-MAVT Happiness Survey 2022

At the beginning of 2022, AV-MAVT conducted its biennial survey on the happiness and satisfaction of doctoral students, post-docs, and scientific staff. The short 2 page report summarizing the findings of this survey can be found here!

Summary: The general happiness of non-faculty scientific staff at D-MAVT has overall improved in the last two years. The percentage of unhappy staff and members that have experienced discrimination has decreased. The major factors correlating with overall happiness are related to satisfaction with the supervision. Still, one third of all respondents spend less than 70% of their work time on their research (the stated minimum in ETH regulations). It is important to further improve supervision and fight discrimination to ensure the continuation of this upward trend.

We want to warmly thank all of you who took the time to give us your opinion. This report was also released to the faculty members, and the main results will be presented at the department conference on 17.05.2022. We are looking forward to more fruitful discussions with the department based on these results!