AV-MAVT Hike 2023

Join us on the AV-MAVT Hike to the famous Fronalpstock.

We will do the scenic ridge walk from Chlingenstock to Fronalpstock. The route starts in Stoos and goes up to Chlingenstock. After this ascent, we enjoy the beautiful view on the Vierwaldst├Ąttersee. We follow the ridge to Fronalpstock and take the chairlift back to Stoos.

Hike details
Start Time:
Hiking Distance:
Duration of Hike:
Return to Zurich:
Total cost:
Sat, June 17th 2023
7:15 am, HB Z├╝rich
ca. 9 km
ca. 1000 m
ca. 400 m
ca. 5 h (inkl 0.5 h break)
ca. 5:30 pm
ca. 61 CHF (Halbtax)

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