AV-MAVT General Assembly

Dear doctoral students and postdocs, we gladly invite you to our General Assembly, where you will have a great chance to learn about how AV-MAVT operates in our department with events, involvement in political decisions and support of the community. If you would like to know more, meet new people and learn all the opportunities join us! The meeting will take place via Zoom and lasts for 1 – 1.5 h. An invitation will be sent to the provided email address in due time, along with the agenda.

Date:Wednesday, Feb 16th
Time:5:00 pm

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1.       Approval of the Agenda

2.       Report on activities in 2021

o   Politics

o   Networking

o   Diversity and outreach

o   PhD support

o   Infrastructure

3.       Finances

o   Financial summary 2021

o   Budget for 2022

4.       Board & Committee Elections

o   Election of the new board

o   Members of DK, UK, RK, master admission committee

5.       Varia and discussion